Funnels on Houseware

Your customer's journey needs constant upgrades and you need precise insights to know exactly where! Carry out comprehensive analyses of the specific paths your user takes, sliced and diced in the exact manner you imagine it using Funnels on Houseware.

Your customer is talking to you in clicks. Are you listening?

When done right, Funnel analysis can be one of the most powerful things to help improve your user's experience on the product. Craft and analyze Funnels enriched with relevant business details and contextual insights from your data warehouse using Houseware.
Easy Integration. Easy Iteration. Easy Insights.
Analysing user insights made criminally simple with our out-of-the-box; no-code; self-serve solution that reads directly from your data warehouse.  
Configure the exact Funnel with ease.
Select your desired events, conversion window, filters, views, and more with just a few simple clicks. Easily generate a funnel tailored precisely for your specific problem statement.
Win with each segment of customers.
Dissect your Funnels using properties that extend beyond just event-collected data, and encompass the entirety of your business context. Use this to ensure every user group is getting the experience they deserve!
Monitoring, Experimenting, Troubleshooting: Power it all, and more!
Empower your decision-making with data-driven insights. Track conversion rates, identify spikes and drops, and delve into the intricacies of your user journey. Don't rely solely on intuition – see the numbers for yourself and optimize your strategies for success!

Trusted and endorsed by some of the best product teams

Your most complex funnel use cases brought to life in mere clicks.

"Super easy to create funnels, visualize them in various formats and look at different cuts of data. Highly helpful, and responsive team to help us!"
Nagesh K M
Product Manager at Quizizz
Monitor Spikes, Drop offs, Conversions
Monitor critical metrics such as conversion rate, drop-off rate, and time to convert across key user journeys such as registration, payment processes, engagement, etc. Identify fluctuations and effectively troubleshoot issues, ensuring customer satisfaction remains high.
Track Feature Releases and Experimentation Outcomes
Conduct A/B tests and monitor real-time outcomes of experiments or feature releases. Compare user cohorts, time periods, apply filters, and more to refine your Funnel to suit your experiment. Iterate and analyze at speed to enhance your product strategy effortlessly!
Carry out Ad hoc analysis
Answer ad hoc questions as soon as they come to mind by directly using our "Create" feature! Later choose to save it with some analysis you are already carrying out or discard once you have your answer.
For product teams

Get started in one simple step

Choose the relevant Funnel events in the order in which they occur in your user journey, hit apply! No additional configuration required to get started with analysis.

Track different Funnels Metrics in different views

From seeing conversion numbers, to tracking how conversion has changed over time, to seeing how long users are taking to convert through your funnel, track it all using the different views we have to offer.

Filter/breakdown by cohorts, user properties, event properties, etc.

Apply filters to narrow down to a specific set of users, or even breakdown the funnel by properties like city, subscription type, and more. Have a specific cohort you want to be tracking or multiple cohorts you want to compare in the funnel? You can do that too!

Set up conversion windows, compare time periods, and perform advanced actions effortlessly.

Configure the funnel conversion window to the time within which you want to track the conversion , compare numbers between current and previous periods, create cohorts out of dropped off/converted users and more! All in simple clicks.

Hit the Pedal on Revenue Conversion

Improve your Product
Improve User Experience
Increase Conversion
Increase Revenue!
It's that simple with the right tool.
Grow Revenue
Optimizing conversion rates and reducing the drop-off rate in the funnel, help more users complete the desired action, directly impacting revenue.
Improve Product Strategy
User segmentation data and engagement metrics offer deep insights into user behavior and preferences, helping guide the product towards innovation that resonates with the target market.
Ensure Customer Satisfaction
Enhanced customer journey and experience, as reflected in improved funnel metrics, directly contribute to overall customer satisfaction, helping retain more and more customers!

Seamlessly transition from Amplitude, Mixpanel

"The onboarding experience was exceptional. The Houseware team went above and beyond, assisting us in setting up both Rudderstack and Snowflake. We were up and running within just one day, thanks to the personalized assistance from the Houseware team, reinforcing our confidence in choosing Houseware as our preferred product analytics solution."
Siddharth S.
Founding team, Director of products, Flobiz
With Houseware running right on top of your warehouse, get unparalleled control over your data, ensuring data security and compliance, unlike other tools in the space.
Infuse product analytics with business context, in a performant environment designed for ease and speed.
Cut costs by over 50% over traditional analytics tools without compromising on functionality,  by choosing, as customers say, our "cost-effective and powerful solution for our analytics needs".