Instant actions for revenue growth, on top of Segment

Houseware is an easy-peasy way to create GTM actions on top of users' product activity. Build your PLG playbook to acquire missed revenue instantly!
Folks from Productboard, Airtable, Front are on the Houseware waitlist.

As easy as 1-2-3


Connect Segment

Events from your app start flowing to Houseware in a twinkle

Define user actions

Set up product usage markers or just choose a template

Send to Slack or Salesforce

Instantly notify a channel or create a task for Sales
Get Started in 10 minutes

⚡️Build a culture of experimentation

Create a mean execution machine for revenue growth and experimentation. Play well with your front loaded business teams.

Ease the handoff from Growth to Sales

Reduce the tension for your customers as their account is "passed-on" internally

Build and break to hit revenue targets

Measure the $ value of your segments, iterate on what works

Listen to the voice of reason with data

Instantly create a segment of accounts, help teams prioritize on the most relevant stuff

Don't miss out on users who ❤️️ your product

Actions to build your PLG playbook

Plan sales nudges and create user touch-points based on product actions. Measure the ROI and scale with confidence!

Seamless Customer Journeys

Empower your reps to have a 360 degree view of all users' activation in an individual customer account historically.

Glues into your team's home.

Houseware works for you and gets out of the way.

Build your product-led playbook today.

Go-to-market teams use Houseware to set up automated revenue optimization. Build your PLG playbook using powerful templates, perfect for launching today and powering continuous feedback loops.