Metrics to intelligent
data apps for revenue teams.
Blazing fast

Houseware is like Retool for Snowflake, the easiest and fastest way to convert metrics into data apps for everyone.

As easy as 1-2-3


Connect your Snowflake and dbt Cloud  

Houseware's native integrations bring your data to use in a snap! Not sure if you have either? We got you covered.

Explore and create metrics in your daily business lingo

Behind the scenes, Houseware transforms and fetches you ever-ready data, in the language you understand.

Publish and host data apps for you and your entire team

Collaboration first. Customer-built. Code free. Build your data apps like you build a Notion page. Yes, as intuitively and fast.
Integrate your SaaS tools

Glues into your team's home.

Your team grows stronger when your tools come together. Houseware connects with your data stack and 150+ SaaS tools seamlessly to give you a one-stop data destination.
Unlock Data Potential

Transform Modern Revenue Teams into Data Wizards

Eliminate Complexity. Enable Creation. Empower your Organization. Ride our rainbow to reach your pot of gold!

⚡Blazing fast

Solve use cases on your own within minutes, as if it were done by your data team.


Cross functional collaboration. With a unified metric layer offered by Houseware, collaborate and solidify business decision making.

😲No code?

We act as your Swiss Knife, enabling you to create aesthetic data apps and actionable workflows without writing a single line of code.
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