Houseware brings trust and power to data with dbt Labs

Leverage the central workbench for data and move from QA to insight for all your business metrics.
Create metrics consistent across your organization
Build powerful data apps on top of your metrics
Consume your metrics wherever you are

Metrics by Houseware

Houseware builds dbt metric packages on top of SaaS sources that give your organization value out-of-the-box!

Houseware x dbt Labs

Houseware allows business users to consume dbt metrics wherever they are!

Create powerful data apps

Use the Houseware App to create data apps with visualizations to get insights and trigger actions from your data.

Chrome Extension

Carry your metrics wherever you go with the Houseware Metrics Chrome extension!

Slack App

Talk to our Slack bot and get realtime updates on all your metrics!

Govern your metrics on Houseware

Manage your existing metrics, add new metrics from our Metrics Hub, and connect new data to your warehouse - all from the Houseware app

Get started with Houseware today!

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